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Counselling Placement At The Affordable Counselling Network.

We Are Currently Recruiting Placement Counsellors.

If you are a dedicated, professional, empathetic counsellor with a Fit For Practice letter from your training establishment we would love to hear from you. We welcome all modalities. 

What We Offer

The Opportunity to make a difference.

Traditionally therapy is expensive and therefore difficult to access for many people. We hope by offering low cost counselling online we can give the opportunity of counselling to those who otherwise would be unable to afforded it. As a Social Enterprise Company we reinvest our profits back into local communities.

Autonomy and Flexibility.

You choose the hours you work. All work is online and provided you can offer a confidential space client work can be conducted from your home.

Varied Client Presentations.

We are honoured to have a diverse range of clients use our services. We take time to match you with clients that suit your skills and clinical interests.

A Community.

We pride ourselves in truly caring about our therapists/counsellor and we appreciate that sometime life as a therapist can be a lonely job. Therefore we invite our placements to support and engage with each other via a vibrant Whatsapp group. This is by no means compulsory and you are welcome to not engage if you prefer.


We have a trained counsellor and admin staff available during working hours to support you.

Free Fortnightly supervision.

Once you have volunteered 50 ours with us we would be happy to offer you free fortnightly group supervision. Before then we can offer in house supervision at a charge of £20. We aim to make volunteering with us as accessible as possible Therefore if you are experiencing financial hardship please ask about our bursary options. If you have any questions please email: hello@affordablecounsellingnetwork.co

What We Ask

  • Ideally we ask that you are able to see 4 clients a week. If this is not possible we aim to be as flexible as possible. 
  • You have completed some counselling placement hours with clients already (therapists with prior counselling placement experience are preferred), or be able to provide a letter of readiness from your training institution.
  • We require students to have had at least 30 hours of personal therapy with a qualified therapist before they apply, and to be willing to continue in personal therapy for the duration of the counselling placement.
  • For insurance purposes we ask that you are based in the UK, and plan to remain based in the UK for the duration of the counselling placement.
  • You have a current DBS check.
  • As we  offer low cost online counselling it is important you have suitable internet speed to host video conferencing platforms. 
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